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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  July 10, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. richmond police have a triple homicide to deal with this morning. they are questioning the only person found alive inside an apartment where an apparent shoot out left three men dead in one woman. john alston talked with investigators and neighbors about the blast of gunfire yesterday at a city housing project, one with a reputation for violence. whatever happened inside this two bedroom unit at the housing complex was excessively violent. a close range gun battle, involving three men and more than a few weapons. residents who had seen their share of crime were taken aback. >> it's crazy. i'm tired of it. >> richmond police say 36-year-old michael l. anderson was murdered, also killed was 19-year-old dante from oakland and 27-year-old man from san
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leandro. >> we have one person at the station for interrogation and we're not looking for any other suspects. >> police say there were children's bunk beds in one room but no kids were home at the time. >> i know a little boy lives there. >> the iron triangle neighborhood has endured violent crime over the years. outside the apartment there is evidence of suspected drug use and a bullet shell casing not connected to some shooting. police say they are frustrated because they say things were getting better. >> really does have a sense of community. the lighting is better. aesthetics are better. tenants aren't involved in criminal activity and we have is seen a big reduction in violence. when things like this happen, we have to determine why. >> she doesn't think the
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neighborhood is safer. >> i want to move. i just secure my area, my place of living. that is about it. >> reporter: police are still trying to come up with a motive in this case. as for the man being questioned who was here at the scene, she person of interest and not a suspect at this point. sacramento based c-130 coastguard crew will make at aerial search for the 78 people still missing from a chartered fishing boat that sank in mexican waters back on july 3rd. a group of bay area residents were on board when the ship was knocked over by big waves. lisa amin gulezian talked to one survivor who found himself floating in the sea of cortez watching the boating under. >> charles gibson is used to
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facing danger, he is a former lieutenant and he is the chief of police for the xhoornt cac community college district the. he was also on board the erik. >> it was just like erik as it went down in the water. i felt the feeling of aabandonment. >> he was confused and scared. he didn't have a life vest. he hold to an ice cooler. finally a fellow fisherman offered his. his brother is still missing. >> but then the group separated. charles spent nearly 15 hours alone. he eventually swam to an island where local fisherman found him and another survivor. this is video of charles in mexico back on land. meantime, the search for seven others who are still missing continues today. >> do you think they are still alive? >> i hope so.
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>> the coastguard has agreed to keep looking at least until tuesday. since the accident, survivors have been found in the water and on nearby islands. >> if i made it to an island they can. i hope they are on one of those islands where they need to be helped. >> lee's family is trying to stay strong. they are bracing themselves for the worst. they would like a specialized dive team and search for the sunken ship. >> just to get that closure. their father is down there. if that is the case, bring him home. >> the secretary of tourism for baja california says a deep water dive team from hawaii is willing to help. >> here are some fascinating details about a diving expedition in the sea of cortez. it could last two weeks and cost
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hundred thousand dollars. fishing boat is thought to be to be at a depth of 200 to 300 feet. that would be a mixed dive where divers need a special mixture of oxygen and helium and nitrogen. each dive to take a half an hour to reach that boat and full hour or more to return to the surface. >> you have a problem of getting all the equipment to do it and then doing the actual dive and penetration is probably most dangerous. you don't know how the wreck is or sitting upright or up aside down. >> divers could only stand up to 15 minutes searching for the ship. >> cal fire crews is battling a 340 acre wildfire northeast of sacramento this morning. high winds snapped power lines in rural yuba county around 4:00
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in the afternoon and it caused the flames to quickly spread out of control. the fire is burning near smartville and so far no homes are threatened. crews have the fire 60% contained. >> a tsunami alert has been lifted after another major earthquake in japan last night. the quake shook the northeastern coast same area devastated by a quake and killer tsunami just four months ago. the epicenter in the pacific ocean 130 miles east of sendai, the area hit hardest in the march quake. dozens of aftershocks have rocked the country since that disaster. >> the space shuttle has docked with the international space station for the last time. >> it was an emotional moment shortly after 8:00 this morning when mission control's flight director declared this is it and gave the okay for this historic
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linkup. it's the 46th and final docking of the 30-year-old space shuttle program. combined crew of ten travelers will spend the next week unloading four tons of food, clothing and other space station provisions, about a year's supply. >> coming up next, facing allegations of hacking and bribery, the news of the world says goodbye. >> whirlwind weekend for the royal couple in southern california is winding down. find out what they=x=x=x=x=x=x=x
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tonight abc7 will air an exclusive interview with jaycee dugard. she was held captive for 18 years by philip and nancy garrido. she speaks of people here and south lake tahoe that have been waiting to hear from the girl that disappeared. >> he is a real survivor. i would be proud to have a daughter like that. >> i can watch diane sawyer's interview in a two hour prime time special tonight at 9:00 right here on abc7. diane is also going to be answering questions about her interview on twitter. you can tweet your questions to at diane sawyer jc, abc.
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>> rui port murdoch is on his way to london to keep one of his tabloids bringing down the rest of is his empire. jeffrey kaufman is there, too. >> for the world's most powerful media baron, this may be the biggest crisis his empire has ever faced. news of the world wasn't just another paper it was the best selling paper in the english language. today the tabloid that lived on scandal has died in a scandal of its own. a final edition of the news of the world acknowledges that. we demanded high standards like the editors inside but now we are too painfully aware, some
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who worked for us fell shame fully short of those standards. >> lost in an epidemic of criminal activity in pursuing stories in hacking information. but a powerful network including the paper's owner, british politicians and police are accused of suppressing a full investigation. this weekend an extraordinary public apology from the number two at scotland yard. i always put the victim first, but here i didn't follow my principle. >> this morning, he arrived in london to try to contain the crisis but it may be too late. it may have derailed of a plan of the satellite network. >> as people learn about the full extent of what happened, what started as a public relations nightmare could become
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a financial problem. >> this is the end of the world, front page saying thank you and goodbye. the inside, not a singles ad no one not to be associated that overnight became tainted and toxic. this is the end of up in, it's not the end of a scandal end of the newspaper, it's just the beginning. >> we had our heat wave and now comes the cooling trend. >> it continues and a little more dramatic. but today right now, the gray is beginning to break up over emeryville. seeing a little bit of sunshine here. temperatures are in the 60s where the sun has been shining all morning long. i'll tell you about that. and a look at a cooler week ahead. that is coming up. >> also ahead, tim lincecum shuts down the opponents at at&t park. highlights are coming up in this morning's sports.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. time is 9:17. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. this is a look at tahoe with heavenly cam, mountain resort.
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54 degrees in tahoe and continues to feel cool there, here, all over the bay area. lisa argen is on will be along with the full accu-weather forecast. >> this is the final day in los angeles for britain's royal couple. they plan to attend an arts event on skid row and a job fair even hollywood's biggest stars can't take the spotlighted away from will and kate. >> hollywood's "a" list hit the red carpet so to celebrate up and coming british movie makers. but the dazzling duo are not movie stars, it's the honeymoon newlyweds, duke and duchess of came break. >> her dress is beyond amazing.
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>> this is a welcome to a couple that exceeds the level of celebrity. >> kate wowed the crowd designed by sara burton creator of kate iconic wedding dress. the queen even lent her earrings. >> as president of the british academy of film and television arts, william was there to honor the most promising british talent. >> i believe great things will result. now as they say, lights, camera action. [ laughter ] >> earlier in the day, will and kate touched down in the posh polo club to raise money for charity. >> and disadvantaged in society, we want to give them hope and
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confidence in their lives. >> in a sea of splendidly dressed guests. kate stood out again. future king of england show how comfortable he is atop a pony. he scored, not just once, but four times. he even got a kiss from the duchess. >> right now, avon walk important breast cancer are probably wearing t-shirts as they walk to san francisco. closing ceremonies are this afternoon at fort may son. yesterday some 2,000 people help kick off the ninth annual event in san francisco. each participant is walking up to 39.5 miles to support the ongoing search for a cure.
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they raised more than $4.35 million all the money going to local breast cancer organizations. since the launch back in 2003 the avon foundation have raised more than $35 million. another walk, this year's aids walk will be held in one week from today. to register call them or visit lisa argen is here to talk about our weather. we went from those really hot temperatures that neither one of us cares for now down to this. >> aids walk could be on the warm side. following the ups and downs in the weather, that is what we like to do, santa cruz still kind of cool with marine layer firmly entrenched along the
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central coast. well to the north we are looking cloudy conditions outside the studios. airport is sunny right now. fog has encompassed much of the san mateo coast and crossed eastward into oakland. livermore in low 60s and up to the north, we've got cloudy skies throughout much of marin county but we will be seeing the clouds peel back and a lot of sunshine today despite that stronger onshore push this afternoon which will provide cooler temperatures inland today but nice and nights and morning fog could provide the drizzle and then wednesday morning with a stronger system heading our way. below temperatures through wednesday and things will begin to change. here is what is going on now. area of low pressure allowing for a breezy, cool day today, once again tomorrow but yet there is another system, a stronger one that is going to move on down tuesday afternoon.
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that will bring even cooler weather our way. low clouds and fog building to about 3,000 feet and pushing well into the act is valley by wednesday morning. then we're going to see an area of high pressure build and bring the warmth, but with the low clouds and fog, from point reyes down to santa cruz. we will be looking at the sea breeze to bring the numbers down in inland valleys. a lot of sunshine, north bay with numbers in the mid to upper 70s there. cooler in the south bay, as well. you've been getting used to that cool airway side with 60s. today 80 inmates los angeles. cool for you, too, unseasonably cool. upper 70s in the northern sierra today. we will be looking at that cooling trend right through the sierra nevada through thursday. 79 in los gatos and 76 in menlo park, upper 50s here, late
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afternoon sun, 69 in millbrae, sfln san francisco just 62 with some afternoon sun. breezy and in the north bay, we'll look for slightly warmer numbers with 77 in sonoma, near east bay, 66 in berkeley today, 73 in newark and out over the hills, inland, 80 in walnut creek, down by the monterey bay, 66 in watsonville, so coastal clouds not making it totally away from the coastguard line. they will hang out there and picture back inland for cool and breezy afternoon and ballgame with temperatures dropping to the 50s. not a lot of changes tomorrow. bigger changes tuesday and wednesday. a little warm coming our way. >> and we have breezy for tomorrow. are the winds are going to play a role in keeping it cold? >> definitely through the middle of the week. >> let's look at sports.
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tonight the giants will try to end the first half of the season on a winning note against the mets out at at&t park. last night tim lincecum true tried to even his record and silence the critics before tuesday night's all-star game. colin has the highlights. >> good morning. six wins, eight losses and an all-star, even tim lincecum wanted nothing do that. he will head to phoenix, .500 pitcher, party crews, ways not invited. facing daniel murphy, to the right and bounces off the wall. 1-0 new york leads. giants answer in the bottom half down the left line, runners at second and third. up the middle, tejada misses the tag and everyone is safe. game is tied. giants get two more runs in the
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game. six strikeouts in six innings, 3-1 giants they are two up on arizona in the west. >> quote from my producer, i'm just sick of it he said. he was talking about beloved a's after an embarrassing lot flos arlington. josh, first pitch gives the a's an early lead. towering blast off of kobe lewis. they would jump out to a lead. in the fifth, brandon mccarthy delivered, adrian beltre demolishes. it tied the game. coco crisp, deep to right and gone, fourth on the year. a's up 6-5. a ground toward second, jackson overcommits, that is going to leave a mark on jackson. 70th error of the season. next batter josh hamilton, part
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me is very happy for him. walk-off two-run homer. 7-6 the final. rangers go for a four-game sweep. history made by derek jeter. he becomes the 28th player to reach 3,000 and first yankee to ever get to 3,000. perfect five for five at the plate and game winning base hit. yankees 5, rays 4. >> in the tour de france, no change. >> i'll see you again at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. coming up next at 9:30, lawmakers get ready for a make or break meeting at the white house after hitting a roadblock over night in the crucial debt
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negotiations. a group of firefighters learning the ropes. it's a second chance for some who lost their job due to tough budget times.
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welcome back. a make or break meeting takes place at the white house as president obama tries to reach an agreement with congressional leaders over raising the national debt level. negotiations hit a serious roadblock overnight. david curly reports from the white house. >> overnight, house speaker boehner threw a bucket of cold water on the talks, because the white house won't pursue a bigger debt reduction, he wants to focus on producing a smaller measure. its stunning reversal. earlier last week, they said they wanted a big deal.
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but the debt ceiling, entitlement reform, deficit reduction, big issues that both parties have argued about for decades. >> to do that, both sides are going to step outside of the comfort zone and make sacrifices. >> this morning it doesn't look like that is going to happen. >> they have spent weeks on this. they have been in the room and said it's very important. they have both to gain by doing and they have other things. >> speaker says he wants a smaller 2 had trillion deal same one the vice president was discussing with a bipartisan group before the president got involved in the talks. what happened? boehner heard from chief party members they would reject any tax increases. on the president's desk, democrats would not go for the big deal either. >> democrats are not support go
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cuts to social security or medicare. >> all parties agree that something has to happen, if the debt ceiling is not raised the government could defaulted on the obligations sending the economy into a tail spin. >> the white house tried to take the high road, not mechanics go boehner by name but the president is sticking with his plan for a balanced approach to raise the debt ceiling which means tax increases. with that august 2nd deadline to raise the debt limit looming it comes down to white house meeting where both sides seem far apart to raise taxes to offset raising the debt level. chief of staff offers some insight on what the president expects to happen. >> $14 trillion is what the president will try to go for. >> a number around $4 trillion is the number that will send --
9:33 am
make a serious dent on our deficit. it will send a statement to the world that the u.s. has gotten ahold of their fiscal problems and moving forward. it will give confidence to the american people, it will give confidence we can then move forward over the next couple of years to bring economic soundness. >> political fight comes at a time when president obama wants to convince congress to invest in infrastructure to create new american jobs. timothy geithner warned today many americans are going to face hard times for a long time in come as leaders in washington rest well tough economic choices. >> san francisco police officers union send a deal that allows officers to receive 5% pay rises o raises they had agreed to forgo in an earlier contract and avoid layoffs. in exchange, police officers agree to pay 3% more into their
9:34 am
pension fund and do it sooner than required to help the city balance its budget. that compromise was worked out by mayor ed lee and the union leaders but the pengtsz funding may ultimately decided by san francisco voters who are likely to face two competing ballot negotiates november. >> at a time when so many other departments are cutting back, the alameda county fire department is welcoming nearly two dozen new firefighters to its rank including some who were recently laid off from other departments. laura anthony reports from pleasanton. >> for most of these 23 firefighter graduates, mock emergencies are a chance to show off for family and friends, all they learned in 16 weeks of rigorous training, but there are a few here this common toleration represents a new beginning in a career that recently rejected them. moms who win is one of three
9:35 am
county firefighters were among 49 laid off. >> this is what i wanted to do. i really didn't have a second plan. >> classmate was also let go from the san jose department. >> i know there are many people out there that are is searching for jobs. i know how tough tough it is out there. >> alameda county is one of the few departments in the bay area that actually growing in these touch economic times. that growth is due in part to the department contracting with other cities. but in the past year their own fire service. >> we have had a lot of retirement over the past several years but we have been able to take on a number of jurisdictions and by reducing the overhead and ensuring those costs you are able to preserve the funding on the street. >> david also came from san
9:36 am
jose, he knows his new start is especially fortunate given nearly 2s in people applied for these 23 spots. many people have been laid off and i was lucky to get picked back up again. >> for the three firefighters from san jose, uniform may be different but the dream is the same and very much alive. >> in pleasanton. laura anthony, "abc 7 news." >> santa clara city manager says recommending the city deny a request by former 49er great joe montana to get the first shot of developing city owned property next to the stadium. eddie debartalo wants 18 months of exclusive rights. they want to build a hotel and retail project. but our media partner reports that city manager has sent a
9:37 am
memo to the council that recommends giving everybody a chance to bid on the 7-acre site. it's been looking a little great this morning. hopefully that will lifted soon. >> it will, sunshine, breezy and temperatures, well, they are going to continue to come down. i'll tell you more coming up. >> also ahead, a treatment that tells people is now going to the dogs. a look at the procedure that is threatening some old canines get a new lease on l how do i deal with joint pain? i use the power of nature. [ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals with natural menthol. it gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals.
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>> san francisco program heads to the beach. a section of the highway will be closed to cars from 11:00 this morning to 4:00 in this
9:40 am
afternoon so families can get out and enjoy activities on foot hike or skateboard, whatever you want and also includes j.f.k. drive that links it with golden gate park. an open air circus is going to perform at 12:30 and at the meadows you can hear the san francisco symphony perform. it's a great deal and it is free. i don't care what the weather is today, this is an event that people want to go to. >> it will be great to start. cool, low 60s and breezy out there, as well. we're looking at sunshine in emeryville this morning, much of the fog has cleared except for santa rosa, napa and parts of the san mateo coast. the airports all delays have been lifted. we will be looking at a sunny
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afternoon away from the coast. 55 half moon bay, you are going to see the fog sit for a while. even some patchy coastal drizzle 57 in redwood city. 62 in fairfield with southwest wind at 17 and marine air being transported inland to provide a cooler day for our inland east bay, south bay, north bay is going to stay warm. we will be looking at below normal temperatures from yet another system throughout the middle of the week. then things are going to change. first area of low pressure is to the north of us. we've got that breeze coming this afternoon. that will allow temperatures barely to reach 80 and later on in the week, we have a stronger system that is going to dive to the south around portland, oregon. that will bring the temperatures down another 5-6 degrees. after that it looks like the ridge will be building from the east and that could warm us in time for the aids walk next weekend. with that onshore flow, we've
9:42 am
got mist and drizzle from pointed reyes, gusty winds up to 30 miles an hour at the coast, but this should all peel back. in fact we'll see sunshine in santa cruz but feel the effects of that cooler air mass inland with temperatures, few 80s but more upper 70s and low 80s to the north bay. look at the widespread 70s. that is all throughout the south bay and much of the state, we're talking cooler than normal. down to san diego, where temperatures should be much warmer. this is going to take the state until the end of the week. 86 in sacramento. back home, no 80s here in the south bay. in fact we're looking at 76 in campbell. 73 in sunnyvale. nice afternoon with temperatures in the upper 70s, los gatos, but beyond that, we're in the mid-70s peninsula, 69 in millbrae and remember the breezy winds here, 62 downtown.
9:43 am
so definitely cooler than average here. that sea breeze kicking up in the afternoon. north bay numbers, pleasant. 76 in napa today. near east bay, mid and upper 60s should do it in oakland, with 76 in fremont. inland, temperatures around 80. walnut crook and dublin, pleasanton coming in at 81. down by monterey bay, afternoon clearing but not that warm with numbers in the upper 60s fo from watsonville and upper 70s in hollister. tonight, likes pretty foggy and breezy with fog increasing after a sunny afternoon. late in the day in the city. temperatures will be cool at the ballpark. tomorrow, not a lot of change, bigger change comes in tuesday and wednesday. then after that, we're counting on a warming trend. it is going feel rather raw around here come wednesday. >> that is a good word for it. a surgical procedure to treat severe back pain in humans
9:44 am
is now an option for bets. they are helping to pioneer disk replacement for dogs. here is carolyn johnson with the details. >> all right, buddy, ready to run? let's go run. >> watching her dog bounding around the park is a challenge but when she thinks about what his life was three years ago. >> he started falling over. he was going to chase something and fall over. >> a deteriorated district was crushing in ios spine and they advised the nerve damage would spread to other parts of his body. >> we thought we had to put him down. >> but she found a veterinarian, adamo was conducting a treatment a technique that relatively new in humans. >> why don't we try it in dogs. it works so well in people.
9:45 am
>> he and team of researchers devised this system for dogs. after removing the damaged disk they make a slotted with a device. they place the artificial disk that keeps the vertebrae sprayed allowing normal movement. >> there is mobility to the spine. >> the artificial disks avoid some of the side effects that can transfer stress to surrounding areas causing further damage. he expects the cost to $500 compared to $2,000 for a fusion. he says early results are encouraging. >> the first patients we had up to three years with mri after two years and the mri shows that the disk is in place. >> they say buddy regained his range of motion and has kept it over the last three years.
9:46 am
>> we are estimating his age around 13 or 14, we adopted him around nine. he had a surgery around 10 and it was like we had a new dog. >> good boy. >> and they say the doctor's trial is expanding to several other vet centers beyond the bay area. he hopes to have additional data on disk replacement soon. >> long term insurance won't pay up. that story
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>> when it comes to planning for old age, many buy long term care insurance but do those policies pay off? michael finney with a cautionary tale. >> jack and beverly jo celebrated 55 years of miarmg before jack suffered a stroke that left him disabled. couple this planned for their old age purchasing this long term care insurance policy back in 1996. >> it's for peace of mind. >> the premiums were expensive reaching $534 per month but beverly figured how it would finally pay off. she contacted the carrier, senior health insurance of pennsylvania and received this statement of coverage services. it allowed a home health nurse at $20 per hour to the policy's
9:50 am
maximum up to 100 per day. >> i insisteder get a registered nurse. >> everything seemed to go as planned until she filed her claim. >> no, we can't pay her that much because she is not a registered nurse. i said you asked for a registered nurse. i gave you a registered nurse. >> the campaign's statement that beverly had exceeded the daily maximum of hundred dollars per day. she says not true. that was the company refusing to pay the maximum. for this claim for 30 days, beverly figured the maximum benefit would be $3,000. the company paid just 2,250. for this 16 day period the maximum is $1600. the company paid $825. >> that is when i called 7 on your side. >> we contacted senior health insurance of pennsylvania known as ship.
9:51 am
they declined to discuss the case but short after we called. >> they called me and send you a check. >> they reimbursed her $10125 and later it went further. it paid her $2100 per claim that had been denied. company said we do not pay unbarntd claims but we do review each denial before it is finalize today ensure the appropriate decision is made. /health insurance was formally called canseco senior health insurance. they were fined half a million dollars by california commissioner steve poisner for improper denial and delay of benefits. senior health insurance tells 7 on your side that it as severed
9:52 am
ties under canseco. they say they operate without a profit mow active. beverly says the couple paid about $70,000 in premiums over the past decade and used only about $7,000 in benefits before jack died in a nursing home in march. >> it was a hassle but i got this money back. >> if you want long term insurance you really need to do a lot of research first. one good source is state insurance department. i posted links on our website at up next, no fish tale, we'll show you a little known historic spot right here in san francisco.=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x
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here are the winning numbers from last night's super lotto
9:55 am
plus. mega number another 23, wow, but no one got all six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot is guaranteed to be $50 million. if you are looking for something different. you might try the casting pools at golden gate park. there is a tournament that started at 9:30. heather ishimaru reports from an often overlooked spot in san francisco. >> across the street from the golden gate park buffalo, next door to the san francisco police department stables, follow the signs to a little slice of peace and beauty that sparkles like a gem. casting pools are 1938 wpa project guilt for the golden gate casting club. 89-year-old man he has been here for the last 30 years and comes every day.
9:56 am
he is known as the godfather here. he says it hasn't changed in the last three decades. they say the club started at another lake in 1933. >> two people had cast at the same time and people would go there and were able to practice casting. >> they convinced the city to build the pond. >> inside the lot are lockers filled with the stuff of history. the club has 500 members but the ponds are also open to the public. >> relaxing. it's out in the open listening to the birds. >> the ponds are internationally known, one of the few urban
9:57 am
places to practice and learn. he learned here and now teaches. >> some people have fast rods and in that case the rod bends only, almost only at the tip. then other people would prefer a rod with medium action that bends further down. >> national tournaments put it on the map but many san franciscans don't realize it is right here in our backyard. >> great day to do a little bit of fishing. >> golden gate park on the cloudy side for the bulk of the day with san francisco coming in at 62. breezy conditions and fog going back to the coast. 76 in fremont and cooler temperatures inland and even cooler through wednesday. then we'll warm it up. >> that is going to do it for us
9:58 am
thank you for joining us. our next newscast starts at 5:00 tonight. i'm carolyn tyler, have a great sunday. we'll see you later. [ male announcer ] you don't make the world's best chicken
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